The Golden Retreat

Do you feel the need to get away?  The Golden Retreat might just be for you.
Join us at the Lutherlyn Camp & Conference Center “Golden” Retreat for
those 50+ who desire to strengthen their faith, meet new people, and
just get away for a few days.  Enjoy yourself in the comfortable 4
Seasons Lodge September 12-17, 2016 for a time you will not forget.
Each year participants delight in an invigorating Bible study,
worship, and fellowship.   Led by Rev. Charles Nolting, we plan to put
together a weeks worth of devotions for our national devotional
booklet “Eternity for Today”.
Note that the Golden Retreat is about more than just Worship & Bible
Study!  We also plan out-trips to various locations as well as on the
camp grounds.  Free time is a must – and the food and lodgings are
If you feel the urge to attend, please pick up a Lutherlyn brochure or
contact Pastor Nolting at 705-598-2048, or email