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Comfort Station Groundbreaking

The ground was broken for a new Comfort Station at Camp Lutherlyn on Tuesday, September 8!

The Comfort Station is an approximately 20 by 30 foot wood frame building with a gabled metal roof. The Comfort Station will contain seven washrooms:  six with a toilet, sink and shower and one larger, accessible washroom, with a toilet and sink. There is also a utility room in the building.

The Comfort Station will be a three-season building (mid-May to mid-October). It will be located between Shepherds Staff (Director’s Cabin) and the Craft Shack, serving cabins 1 to 4 plus Shepherds Staff.  Another cabin, donated some time ago, is the Evergreen Cottage; this cottage might be served by the Comfort Station depending on where it will be erected:  the Main Camp or Bancroft Beach.

Adding washroom capacity has been a long-time objective for the camp. This Comfort Station concept was proposed by the Design Team with the 2019 Business Plan and approved by both the 2019 and 2020 Board. With the additional washrooms, we go from seven water closets/ urinals to fourteen! 

Fall Work Day

Camp Lutherlyn’s fall work day will be held Saturday September 19th. Please come if you can and pass the word onto others you know.  I think this will be an exciting, busy, but fun day. Here are the details:

What’s to be Done / What to Bring

  • One group will work on cleaning up half of Hoffman Beach which, after 10 years of being closed, we’ll have ready for 2021 camp! Bring work gloves, and any equipment you have: garden rakes (not fan), tree trimmers, chainsaws, and anything that would be good clearing out underbrush. Janice Verch and Erica Deloughery are the leads for this work. Our objective is for this crew to, by the end of the day, have a cleaned-up beach for others to come and visit.
  • The second group will work at Main Camp/ Bancroft Beach to do a variety of things. Please bring work gloves. Diane Hammel, myself and my husband Dave Burkett will be the leads for this work.
    • Ready camp for winter: tip up picnic tables, put canoes, life jackets and beach chairs away.
    • Cabin storm windows need to be put on and eaves troughs need to be cleaned out.
    • Sand needs to be cleared from under the Shed/ Tuck Shop (it’s completely filled in on one side which is a problem for the wood rotting) and put into sand bags (to be used for erosion control)
    • You can paint the inside of your cabin if you’d like. The exterior painting of all cabins (except #4) are done – and they look terrific. It would be great to freshen up the interiors.  You need to let me know if you want to do this by Sep 12th so I can have enough paint on hand. Please bring your own painting equipment (brushes, rollers, etc).
    • There are 3 carpentry jobs to be done before next summer: replace the lattice on Shepherds Staff (Directors Cabin) and Bancroft Cabin; rebuild the clothesline stoop; and build a cupboard on the Shed/ Tuck Shop. Please bring power tools if you can help on these projects.

Timing / Logistics

  • COVID pre-cautions will be in place for our work day. First, please do not attend if you have any COVID symptoms, been in contact with anyone who has, or if you’ve been out of the country in the last 14 days. Second, please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before entering shared space – the Dining Hall and washrooms. Third, please maintain physical distancing outside your “bubble”.
  • 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Schmieder Hall: Coffee (individual containers of cream/ milk and sugar; please bring your own travel mug) and muffins (individually packaged) will be available. Please “check in” with me here as you arrive to let me know what you’d like to work on.
  • Noon – 1:00: Daryl will serve one of his traditionally wonderful lunches (behind Plexiglas). Hopefully the weather is nice enough to use the covered dining area as well as the dining hall itself.  One group will come in to be served at a time – masks are put on and hands sanitized before coming in; other groups wait outside 6 feet apart (at the footprints). Tables will seat 4-8 people; I’ll sanitize them between groups.
  • Some people have indicated an interest in either coming up to camp Friday night or staying over Saturday night.  Some will stay in their own camper. Others can be accommodated in Four Seasons or one of the cabins. If you are interested in staying, you MUST let me know ahead so I can arrange where you’ll be and your assigned washroom & kitchen that keeps everyone safe. Bring your own bedding, towels, food, etc.
  • Saturday night: there will be a campfire on Hoffman Beach. Bring lawn chairs & guitars – I’m sure Erica as a past Program Coordinator will be leading a sing-along!

Thank you for your help on this camp that we all love. Please RSVP if you’re attending for a count for lunch; it would be helpful to know what you’d like to work on; and you MUST let me know if you’re planning to stay over. Any questions – please give me a call at 613-618-5716.

Alison Burkett, Property Chair

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