Countdown to Celebration

Well only a few days left before our big celebration day! There are approximately 20 tickets left for the concert but they are going fast. Any tickets remaining will be available at the door but it is recommended that you buy in advance to be sure. Tickets are available online at or you can arrange to buy in person from Bruce Riley 613-225-9315 | If you can’t make it for the concert you are welcome to come for the BBQ supper which will start at around 5 or 5:30 after the concert. This is going to be a great concert! The opening act is a combined Julian of Norwich/Faith choir singing two very lively pieces before the upbeat Celtic fiddle music of Anna Ludlow.

Pastor Martin will be back in office this week, and presiding at the Sunday service next week.

Sunday school will be starting on Sep. 10 with a brief meeting of parents, students and anyone interested in teaching following the Children’s Chat during the service.