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Countdown to Celebration

Well only a few days left before our big celebration day! There are approximately 20 tickets left for the concert but they are going fast. Any tickets remaining will be available at the door but it is recommended that you

Church Building Renovation

Our building is closed to worship as we undergo a major modernization program.  Please come and worship with us here in February. (Date to be confirmed.) In the interim, we are worshipping with Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, 7 Rossland

Annual Congregational Meeting – 2014

1. Meeting Opening:  Wendy Davidson 2. Quorum The President and Cecily Skuce were present at the head table.  It was confirmed that 44 people had signed in.  Thirty people are required for quorum.  The President declared a quorum and the meeting


A Summary of Items Discussed, Decided and Acted Upon at the last meeting… 1. Wendy Davidson opened the meeting with a reflection on the nature of the church based on Kelly Fryer’s book on Lutheranism: The church is not a